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Luxury Shoes & HandBags !

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Catherine stood over Grissom and Sara, taking pictures as they removed the stones one at a time, inspecting each rock for trace evidence before stacking them neatly on a plastic tarp. David Phillips was sitting on a large boulder off to the side, watching every move Sara made, waiting patiently for the bodies to be uncovered so that he could confirm the obvious. David swooped in at Grissom?s signal and pronounced the rotting carcasses dead, then returned to his boulder to wait until it was time to relocate the bodies to the morgue. Sara didn?t mind bugs when they were in a cage, skittering around in an evidence jar or mounted on a board, but she didn?t like them all that much in their natural habitats. Between these two, there had to be hundreds of bugs, most notably maggots and various small beetles. americana shoes
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